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Many are wondering whether Loca the Pug, the subject of a viral video, has died. The pug who couldn't run is dead, the beloved pup's. Well my name is Loca And I'm a special pug. I live in Belfast Ireland And me favorite things a hug. I love to eat roast chicken. And my friends say I'm good fun. One of her most popular YouTube videos is Loca the Pug singing 'The pug that couldn't run' which earned more than 16 million views after it was posted in.

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Locathepug. Hi, I am best known as Loca the pug that cannot run from my you tube video. Follow my adventures on Facebook and YouTube. Loca the Irish pug is super cute and she loves her life, but there's one thing she can't do and that's run. Not for the life of her. Loca was a true internet sensation. Best known for her trial videos, the little pug had trouble running, but that didn't stop her from trying!.

Read Verse 1 from the story LOCA THE PUG -- lyrics by coffeeebeann (maya) The pug that couldn't run ***LYRICS DISCLAIMER: I don't own any part of this. Meet Loca, a special pug who has difficulty running due to a mild brain disorder. Her story is covered in Pet Island tonight on BBC One Northern. The home page of 'The Pug that couldn't run' and her crazy badassed gang of Hey everybody, my name is Loca Elizabeth Orr and I am four years old. I live in.

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Sing along to this little Irish ditty about Loca the pug who can't f*cking run. Although you won't want your kids to start singing this song, it is still funnier than hell. Loca the Pug was born on 21 June , in Belfast, Northern Ireland, which means that her zodiac sign was Cancer, and her nationality British. i just showed my mom the loca the pug video. she laughed, cried all her makeup off, and declared it her favorite video on the internet. #loca#loca the pug#stuff. An adorable pug that can't run has notched up over six million views on YouTube and her fame looks set to continue with new set of videos. Loca The Pug - The pug that couldn't run. Cute PuppiesDogs And PuppiesDog PicturesPugsAdoptionPugPug DogsAdorable PuppiesPug Life. Very funny video about 'The pug that couldn't run' Loca the pug sings:). ql2.me ql2.me If you are interested in licensing this footage, please visit. Loca, the pug that couldn't run - () Perfect pug except for one thing, she can't f **king run. Still, her family loves her. Discover Cute Dog Loca The Pug Can't Run! T-Shirt, a custom product made just for you by Teespring. With world-class production and customer support, your. osu! forums» Beatmaps» Beatmap Graveyard» Loca The Pug - The Pug That Couldn't Run.

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