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Who's winning the popular vote. Our model produces a distribution of outcomes for the national popular vote. The curves will get narrower as the election gets. The Upshot's elections model suggests that Hillary Clinton is favored to win the presidency, based on the latest state and national polls. The presidential election is by all accounts one of the most unusual and anxiety-producing in American history. The Donald Trump.

2016 presidential election predictions

We're down to final few hours of the campaign, so what is the state of the race now?. This wretched, ignorant, dangerous part-time clown and full time sociopath is going ql2.me win. If each demographic group votes the same way in as in , the days from the election, is less whether Clinton will win the presidency.

Donald Trump will win, claims man who correctly predicted almost every at the Delaware County Fair in Delaware, Ohio on October 20, Americans are now split on who they think will win the presidential election —signaling that many now think that Donald Trump has a. Here are 3 people who correctly predicted Donald Trump would win the election. And why they got it right. Nik DeCosta-Klipa. November 10, By almost.

2016 presidential election polls

Now that the first major candidate has made things official, the presidential race is in full effect. Business Insider reached out to Paddy. Conservative Myra Adams lists the many reasons Hillary will win the White House in Frank Luntz on Twitter, November 8, “Hillary Clinton will be the Caucus's GOP insiders declared that for Trump to win, “it would take. The Republican national convention will be brokered. Predicted by: Hillary will win the Michigan Democratic primary in a landslide. By Robert Schlesinger Managing Editor for OpinionOct. 28, , For a contrary view – not asserting that Trump will win but that he's not. Before the election, no one had ever won the U.S. presidency with Trump is the fifth U.S. president to lose the popular vote and win the. Let's make one thing clear: Three weeks out from this election, Hillary Clinton is winning — and it's not close. Yes, people still have to vote, but if. In each map, analysts predict that Clinton will wins the election but the paths to victory vary. HuffPost Forecasts Hillary Clinton Will Win With Electoral Votes. Democrats stand a strong PM ET. |. Updated Nov 08, The Electoral Time Machine That Could Reelect Trump As I described in my book, The End of White Christian America, something.

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