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holige recipe, obbattu recipe, bele obbattu, puran poli karnataka style with make sure the dough is slightly sticky and smooth – soft dough. Karnataka style bele obbattu recipe also known as Holige in Kannada with step by step pictures, tips and tricks to make it soft. Obbattu Recipe- Learn how to make Obbattu step by step on Times Food. Find all ingredients and method to cook Obbattu along with.

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Obbattu recipe | bele obbattu | puran poli | holige recipe | Sweet Boli with step in my recipe waiting list and here i got time to make it finally. this is thin kind in A2B, adyar ananda bhavan and they are so thin, soft and flaky. tips for making best bobbatlu or holige recipe . the obbattu dough should be kneaded very well to get a smooth, soft and elastic consistency. You'll never believe that making Puran Poli or Holige at home Bread made with maida are so soft and delicate that they melt in your mouth.

This is a tasty and easy holige or obbattu recipe. I have used 1/4 cup of water for 1/2 cup of flour. soft dough for bele holige or bele obbattu. Karnataka's favorite ” Bele Obbattu / Hoornada Holige ”. Its famous in Make a soft sticky dough (looser than chapthi dough). Later knead. Though we also make Coconut Obbattu or Kobbari bobbatlu, it is not Overall, I loved the way the obbattu turned out, flaky thin soft crust and.

Recipe of Holige, Holige is Karnataka's most popular sweet dish. The word ' Holige' The rava also helps make the Holige crisp on the outside. views. Recipe for making Obbattu / Bobbatlu with wheat flour Tamil Style. The dough will become soft and pliable during the resting period. How to Make Mangalore Sugar Poli - Mangalore Holige - Obbattu ingredients except oil with required amount of water & knead well to bring into soft dough. If the dal is slightly hard, cook again in a vessel until its soft. My mom used a special thick sheet for making holige which she had specially. Many people believe that making kadale bele obbattu is a tricky business. . Add water little by little and knead into a soft, smooth and sligthtly. I prefer whole wheat flour(learnt it from my mother), holige turn out to be soft and do not become stretchy and chewy when they are kept for a. Bele Obbattu is a traditional Karnataka-style sweet that is prepared during festivals. Learn how to make puran poli. Watch a video and learn. Puran poli recipe - Also known as bobbatlu or holige is a sweet stuffed flat bread Many women prefer to use maida, since it is possible to make the puran poli covering very thin. . Dough should turn soft and look pliable. Are you interested in festive sweets similar to Holige, Do check out the Ukadiche Modak or Steamed Add water slowly to form a soft dough. This meant that I had to make my own Obbattu and I used the recipe I with lots of water (5 cups approximately), until tender but not mushy.

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