Terms of Use

Terms and Conditions

  1. The use of our links to terrorist sites, highly impacting blood-borne sites and possible drug sites is strictly forbidden.
  2. It is forbidden to use our links to hide invalid references and download fake files, this with the intention of generating more clicks and will be taken as invalid and your account may be suspended.
  3. The use of our links to cut more than 3 additional shorteners will be reason for the suspension of the account.
  4. The use of the API in sites not required with https and produce false conditions and abuse of our API will be suspended the account.
  5. In no case do we accept Bots visits, or programs to generate auto clicks and turn page, this will be reason enough for the suspension of the account and the generated balance will be returned to the advertisers.
  6. The creation of accounts to generate referrals and earn extra income will be sanctioned the accounts and there will be no reason for the return of them.
  7. AdLinkOffers Strictly prohibits the use of our links for adult pages or downloading movies +18 or any adult material +18, this will be reason for the suspension of the account.
  8. Our counting system is 1 IP for 24 hours in our global campaign, Only Unique Visitors will be counted daily.
  9. The use of proxies in our links to incentive to generate income with false browsers and connections will be sanctioned the accounts.